November - named by Anglo-Saxons "blood month" for slaughtering

"These early November hours that crimson the creeper's leaf across like a splash of blood, intense, abrupt o'er a shield; else gold from rim to boss and lay it for show on the fairy-cupped elf-needled mat of moss." R. Browning

Cut faded annuals back to ground level

Continue to plant trees & shrubs except for crepe myrtle & azaleas

Plant tulip, crocus & daffodil bulbs for Spring blooming

Keep pansies watered to survive a freeze

Harvest mature veggies, continue growing if warm enough

Lettuce, spinach & cole crops will survive frost & cold temps

October - named by Slavs "the yellow month"

"Then came October; full of merry glee."  Edmund Spenser

Plant Spring bulbs when temps stay in 60 degree range

Dig up caladiums & elephant ears, store in peat moss

Plant pansies by late Oct., fertilize with house plant fertilizer

Clean & fill bird feeders & bird baths

Spread decomposed compost in veggie garden

Rake up leaves & add to compost bins

Plant spinach seeds, dig up sweet potatoes

September - named for the 7th month in old Roman calendar

"Best I love September's yellow, morns of dew-strung gossamer, thoughtful days without a stir. Rooky clamours, brazen leaves, stubble dotted o'er with sheaves--more than Spring's bright uncontrol suit the Autumn of my soul."  Alex Smith

Cut back faded annuals & prune shrubbery for shape

Plant camellias & S. magnolia

Divide liriope, day lilies, iris & replant while still warm enough to root

Mulch cole crops & fertilize, clean weeds & dead summer plants

Leave flowers with seeds for hungry birds

December - named for 10th month of old Roman calendar

"A naked house, a naked moor, a shivering pool before the door, a garden bare of flowers or fruit and poplars at the garden foot. Such is the place that I live in, bleak without and bare within. Yet shall your ragged moor receive the incomparable pomp of eve, and the golden glories of the dawn behind your shivering trees be drawn."

                                                                                                                                        Robert Louis Stevenson

Finish raking leaves & pile up downed branches for wildlife habitats

Keep bird feeders filled with black oil sunflower seeds

Read garden catalogues for new varieties

Harvest ripe veggies, carrots are tastier after a freeze

Decorate your house with holly boughs & nandina

Enjoy the holidays & dream of Spring

With thanks to Edith Holden's Diary of a Victorian Lady

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